A show-off day for Ferrari, when they showed off their new SF1000 car for their 2020 Formula One journey.


The presentation ceremony was held in Reggio Emilia, Italy, Tuesday, February 11 2020.  It was attractive dazzling lighting with a theatrical show, which displays and assures their fans that this is no ordinary car like last years. It is a brand new success-loved car that will bring the more positive story in 2020 Formula 1 season.

The car will mark, their Italian racing team’s 1000th race in this year, and Ferrari hopes to break Mercedes six consecutive years of F1 domination.

Having said that, if the red car and the team performance looks similar to 2019, then Ferrari’s dream may seem deceptive.

“We have been an extreme in all the concepts as we could”, Team principal Mattia Binotto said to the audience watching this spectacular theoretical SF1000 show-off.

He also added, “the power unit, the entire car, has been reshaped with modern engineering so that it can be very slim body shaped and narrow”.

Mattia Binotto declares, the car may look similar to the last year but it is a completely a different game-changer.

At the same stage, Four-times champion Sebastian Vettel gave his approval immediately.


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