Talking about recent U19 world cup final, the former Indian cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi comes down quite hard at the Indian U19 team. Mr Bedi heavily criticized the non-verbal gesture by Indian youth during the ICC world U19 cup on Sunday.


Bishan Singh Bedi
Image: Twitter


The final match was held in Potchefstroom, South Africa.


Following their winning runs were scored by U19 Bangladeshis, the whole squad were running onto the middle of the ground, to celebrate their historic wins against Indian cricket. The celebration led to arguments between the cricketer of both sides.


Three Bangladeshis and two Indian players were formally identified for their actions following a post-investigation. The whole cricketing scene was left a bitter taste for the fans of cricket who undoubtedly criticized both teams. 


Mr Bedi told Mid-Day, “Look, what Bangladesh do is their problem. What our boys do is our problem. You could see that there was the abusive language used”.


Furthermore, the cup-winning off-spinner also asked for their rigid action by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and team management were called. Also, the team coach was being accountable for their role in it.


Mr Bedi didn’t spare, Rahul Dravid, Indian former cricketer and U19 coach, asked for an explanation for such disgraceful and disrespectful behaviour.



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